Streamlined projects, clarity and convenience.

Neet Design was established in 2019 as a leading specialist design practice, working across many areas including private and public health sectors, aged care, and now our portfolio has expanded into the wider commercial sector, including multi-unit residential spaces.

Navneet Narayan is a former Director of Klein - New Zealand’s largest health design team, with 15 years experience, and branched out to form his own niche business.

Our small Neet team is passionate about the health and wellbeing of communities within New Zealand, and we look at the big picture with our extensive range of projects - not only the functionality of the spaces we create, but the regulatory requirements needed to get them over the line.

With a background in designing hospital spaces, retirement villages, multi-storied office blocks and internal fitouts, workspaces and large scale residential developments.

Working closely with user groups at every stage of the planning and design, we are here to help our clients transform their physical environments. We bring expert technical knowledge and guidance every step of the way.

Our goal is to engage with long-term site opportunities to deliver transformative, future-proofed projects.

Our fast track design process helps the project delivery without cutting any corners, ensuring the internal governance process for the client is met. This saves time and money and lets the client and project team achieve completion in the agreed timeframe.

The right design solution has the power to impact people’s way of living and working – a belief that drives us to create superior spaces, and set new benchmarks for the industry.

Navneet Narayan 

021 029 88635

Navneet is the Founding Director of Neet Design and has 15 years experience involved in planning, designing, detailing and delivering large-scale, complex architectural spaces across the healthcare, aged care, commercial and multi-unit residential sectors. His team relishes the complexity of detail involved in these  complex large-scale projects. Clients also appreciate full-time access to one project principal across their entire project journey. That is why he has set up Neet Design to deliver exactly this kind of access and accountability, which streamlines projects and gives our clients clarity and convenience.

Anna Teo 

Senior Architectural Designer
021 043 9202

Anna brings a wealth of experience to her role at Neet Design, having worked for several leading New Zealand architects in her career. With a Masters of Architecture and a National Diploma in Architecture Technology, her experience includes designing, detailing and collaborating in both small and large architectural spaces across healthcare, aged care, commercial and residential sectors. She enjoys collaborating with designers, consultants and builders through all phases of the project, and thrives to deliver high quality work within the timeframes

Sharon Yoon 

Architectural Designer
021 044 3766

Sharon came to Neet Design in 2023 after working for one of the country’s biggest design health teams. She has three years experience as an architectural technician, and graduated from Unitech Institute of Technology with a New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology (Level 6). Having worked on some major projects in recent years across both public and private healthcare, she has thorough knowledge of design principles, building codes and practices.  Sharon’s work history has involved both teambased and independent projects and she is also bilingual in both Korean and English.

Why Neet Design?

At Neet Design you are working with a tightknit experienced team, that has wellestablished connections and relationships across all the specialty areas you need to
complete a large-scale architectural project. 

We plan your development every step of the way from design through to site completion, and our hands-on experience of complex builds at every stage, means we’re confident about what we do. Being a niche business means we can provide a centralised point of contact that has knowledge of all project components.

We know how to perfectly balance creative thinking with functionality and practicalities. From the initial vision and your expectations, through to regulatory constraints, and the optimal end-user experience, we will deliver a design on all levels, and that meets all stakeholder needs.